5 Reasons to Pick a Local Bank in Your Community

Rising fees make big banks an unattractive option for a lot of people. If you’re interested in opening an account at a community bank, read on to know how to pick a good one.


National and community banks provide the same basic services. The difference between the two lies in the level of convenience they offer. Community banks provide people who live in rural areas with regular banking services closer to home, BizFluent says. If you need a loan or a mortgage, you won’t have to go far and wide. These banks provide you with a much more convenient and hassle-free option.


Not all banks offer the same products. Some have a better range of savings and investment products. But if you don’t need anything more than basic banking services, then you’ll find plenty of choices when you scout around for a local bank.


Some people believe that big banks charge lower rates. But a good community bank is often sensitive to the needs of its clients, making it much more likely to have fewer charges. If you’re fed up with the way big banks charge for every little service it doles out, switching to a local bank may be a good move for you.

Personal service

When you open an account at a local bank, you are likely to deal with a familiar face behind the counter. That’s because the bank is staffed by people in the community—many of whom have long ties in the area. If you’re tired of the impersonal service you get from big banks, consider local ones.

Long-term relationships

The best thing about going local is the chance to develop long-term relationships with your bank. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur and you got a loan for your business, your local bank is going to be a huge part of your success and growth.

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