Bridgewater Loans Has An Entrepreneural Heart

When you start to build your financial portfolio, you need some help to get started. You can go to your friends and ask them to come in with you as partners, but sometimes partners don’t work out. You can try to sell a few things to put together your start-up money, but usually most people don’t start out with much to sell. You could find a philanthropist to help you build your investments. But they’re not easy to find. One of the best ideas is to find an institution that is experienced in helping entrepreneurs get their nest egg to get started. This is where lenders for various kinds of Bridgewater Loans can help you with your dreams.

If you’re planning to get involved in long term multi-family financing, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a variety of Bridgewater Loans for long term multi-family financing projects. The process is simplified for either small to medium sized apartment complexes. If you are refinancing existing properties, a lender can help you with that as well.

You can apply for acquisition financing, re-positioning of distressed properties, construction lending and mini permanent financing. You have plenty of options, such as thirty year amortizations, minimum debt service coverage ratio of 1.20:1, competitive closing costs and origination fees, construction to permanent financing, maximum loan to value of seventy-five percent and loans up to $10,000,000. Fannie Mae financing is available, along with underwriting.

Start small. Acquire your first small apartment complex of about ten to twenty units. Fix it up and move in your tenants. After you’ve figured out how much expenses are on your property for at least six months, and you find out if you have a profit or not, then you can look for your second property. It’s kind of like playing Monopoly. You get your houses, then you get your hotels. Before you know it, you own one side of the board, then the other side.

Eventually you’ll find yourself dealing with commercial investing. The Bridgewater Loans companies will be able to help you with this stage as well. You need to have some flexible solutions for your business. If you’re looking into investing into commercial property, whether to construct it yourself or to buy an existing piece of property to lease out, the lenders who create Bridgewater Loans will be able to help you.



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