Conveniently Post a Bail Bond in Lawerenceville

When a person is arrested by the Georgia police in the middle of the night, it can be a frightening and confusing situation. If he was arrested at home, his wife and children probably saw him put in handcuffs and put in the cruiser. After the booking process is complete and he has appeared at the arraignment hearing, the judge will set the amount of Bail Bond in Lawerenceville that he needs to get out of jail. It is often left to the wife or parents to deal with this. They can call Bond James Bond, Inc. for help in understanding the process and getting the bail posted.

They application form for bail is clear and simple. Most applicants take about 10 minutes to complete it. Many family members are nervous about calling a bail bond company. They are embarrassed to be in that situation and don’t know what to expect. A compassionate and helpful bail bond agent will answer the phone. He will be able to explain the entire process and what is needed to complete the process. They understand that defendants are their customers and they treat them with respect. They also understand that bail is an unexpected expense for most families. All payment forms such as credit cards, checks, cash, money orders and even PayPal are accepted. If necessary, they will work out a payment plan.

The Bail Bond in Lawrenceville process starts immediately. However, the time of the defendant’s release depends upon how busy the jail is. The bail company staff is located near the jail and the bail bond agents know the staff well. They are used to coordinating with them and the process runs as smoothly as possible. Once the defendant has been released, he has to understand that bail is a promise to appear in court. The bail bond company makes money if he does that, they can lose money if he fails to appear. Therefore an agent will check on his location on a regular basis and will make sure he knows when his court date is scheduled. He may even drive him to court, if he doesn’t have reliable transportation.


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