CPA Firms in Salt Lake City Knock it Out of the Park

Say goodbye to a private accountant and say hello to a full-service financial team. Cook Martin Poulson is the leading CPA firm in Salt Lake City that is paving the way for other firms to start offering all financial services in house. They offer the full spectrum of management with services like estate planning, bookkeeping, payroll, CFO services, business consulting, tax filing, statements, audits and more. It’s a home run with this firm.

The Winning Team

Have you noticed there are a lot of options for CPA firms in Salt Lake City? Maybe you don’t even know where to start. It behooves you to find a firm that has strong relationships in your local community. With an onsite attorney and a staff of accountants and paraprofessionals, Cook Martin Poulson is a competitive team compared to other CPA firms in Salt Lake City.

Some customers have been with CPA firms in Salt Lake City like Cook Martin Poulson for over twenty-five years. Some customers have had them amend their taxes and have gotten thousands of dollars in refunds. Other customers were able to use their cost segregation services and save over a hundred thousand dollars on their taxes. How do you know your taxes were done properly in previous years or that there may not be more money you are entitled to?

Relationships Matter

If you walk into CPA firms in Salt Lake City and get a cold feeling, turn around and walk right back out. You want a firm that is invested in your success and celebrates with you. If you don’t get the feeling that they truly care about your life and your passions, let’s be frank, they probably don’t. Give your business to the people that are going to treat you with respect and attentiveness. If you feel like you can never get ahold of your accountant or their response time is unreasonably long, it’s time to look to new horizons. You deserve to save your hard earned money and not throw away more than you are required to. Stick with a team like Cook Martin Poulson that has over thirty years of experience.

Why choose a company with thirty years of experience? The tax filing process is complicated because regulations and laws change constantly. Not only that, there are so many laws that people with time in the industry have had the opportunity to learn about more of them through experience. A novice CPA can’t possibly know what a veteran CPA knows because of lack of road time. They are fresh out the gate and still green and won’t be able to have as many tools on their belt to find ways to save you money. If you are looking to free up your time, let someone else process your payroll, pay your bills and balance your checkbook so you can get back to the people and things that you love and inspire you.

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