Reasons to Use Tax CPE Courses and to Learn Online

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Accountant

Those people that work in the accounting field must take CPE courses if they are CPAs, to help them continuously learn and stay ahead of any changes to laws or rules. However, not every CPA is required to take continuing professional education. For example, if the state where you live or work doesn’t require you to have CPE, then you are exempt, though you can still take the courses to keep yourself in the know.

There are certain reasons to take tax courses and to go online for those courses. Of course, your reasons may be different, but generally, everyone feels the same in these regards.

Tax CPE Options

Tax CPE is meant for anyone who prepares taxes for others or even for those who work around tax preparers. Many of the programs offered go into detail about specific tax rules, such as statutory tax, inflation adjusting, IRS tax resolution, asset protection, bankruptcy, family taxes and so much more. You may also find estate planning programs, employment taxes, education tax, retirement planning, debt and interest, and so many more.

Along with taxes, there are other programs you should consider for your continuing professional education. You may also want to take auditing or accounting options, or may prefer management or specialized programs. You may also be required to renew your ethics CPE, depending on your states’ needs.

Good Choice to Learn Online?

Though in-person CPE still exists, it is getting more and more difficult to find and there are few options available because everyone seems to be going online for their continuing education. Many wonder if online is actually a better way to learn as there is no formal instructor and you are on your own. However, many believe that online is actually a good way to learn because you can go at your pace and don’t have to worry about others keeping up with you.

This type of training is definitely not for everyone and in-person training will never go completely away, as there will always be people who want to learn the old fashioned way. However, it is important that each person consider their learning style and what their strengths are. If you tend to wait until the last minute, then online study may not be best for your CPE courses. However, if you enjoy a challenge and can stay on course, you may find some slight freedom by learning online.

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