Send Money To India From UK

Immigration is common in this world, with people relocating to different nations of the world to take up lucrative jobs in those nations. Many Indians too have immigrated to various countries for the sake of employment and have settled down there permanently. For these Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), remitting money to India to assist their relatives there is important. This money is used by relatives for personal expenses, home maintenance, educational expenditures, etc. Transferring money to India is at the top in the list of priorities of NRIs. When searching for ways to send money online to India, they look for the cheapest and safest option. Online remittance, the latest solution in the remittance market, has provided an answer to this search of NRIs.

Earlier remittances used to occur through bank cheques, wire transfers and pay orders as well as money transfer agents. The major drawback associated with these methods was that remittances reached the recipients after a long time. Some financial institutions may retain a person’s funds for two-three weeks, after which the money transfer will happen. Money transfer agents may not be available round-the-clock and seven days a week. Therefore, such methods are not recommended for those people, who want convenient money transfers. Also, people have to visit banks and agent locations and complete tedious paperwork to initiate such transactions.

Many NRIs send money to India from UK because of the fast, secure and user-friendly money transfer offered by online remittance companies. Before you send money online to India, you must, however, do a thorough comparison of the available online remittance services and opt for the most convenient option.

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