Solid Arguments for Investing in an Insurance Policy for Your Rental Home

Insurance companies cannot extend homeowners’ policies to people who rent their homes. Instead, they offer coverage that protects people from monetary losses while they lease an apartment, townhouse, or other rental property.

Like homeowners’ insurance, St. Augustine, FL, renters’ insurance can protect people who lease their homes in a variety of circumstances. These reasons can compel you to invest in one of these policies today to guard against serious financial losses.

Storm Damage Coverage

Just like homeowners, renters have no control over what the weather does to their leased homes. They can lose everything that they own, including the roofs over their heads, if their places are hit by a tornado, hail storm, hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster.

With St. Augustine, FL, renters’ insurance, you can recoup some or all of your monetary losses due to the weather. The insurer can pay for you to replace your furniture, clothing, electronics, and other valuables. It can also pay you enough for you to lease another place to live if necessary.

Fire and Smoke Coverage

Your renters’ insurance can also come in handy if your home is ever damaged or destroyed by fire or smoke. If a fire breaks out in the kitchen, for example, or smoke damages the flooring and walls of the place, the policy will pay out damages to the owner of the property. This coverage spares you from having to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. It can also give you enough money for a hotel room until your rental home is repaired.

ThompsonBaker Insurance has been providing high-caliber insurance services to clients in St. Augustine and surrounding areas since 1925. To find out more about our personalized renters’ insurance policies, visit us at Sitename, where you can fill out a simple form to get a free quote.

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