Special Accounting Considerations for Franchise Owners

If a person is considering purchasing a franchise, there are certain things they should do to ensure that they know what they’re getting into. Accounting Services in Sewickley PA can provide valuable advice, and they can help potential franchisees weigh their options. Below are the factors the business owner should consider.

Franchise Agreement Terms and Conditions

Are the agreement’s terms equitable and legitimate? When choosing a franchise, a business owner should consider the effects of market changes on profits and terms. Choose a franchise with strong marketing support; any business can look good on paper, but marketing support and terms can be heavily in the franchisor’s favor-;leaving the franchisee with very low chances of success.

Franchisor Price Controls

Changes in market conditions can lead to low or negative profit margins. If the franchisee can’t make price adjustments, their growth options will be limited. Pricing can vary from one location to another, and the potential franchisee should ensure that they will be able to set their own prices.

Negotiable Royalty Fees

Franchisees make profits while franchisors receive royalties, which are typically a portion of sales. The franchisee should bargain for low royalties; businesses with significant fees often require additional funding out of the owner’s pocket. Low royalties can help prevent business owners from going bankrupt and being forced to close.

Hire an Advisory Team

No one person can be good at everything, and a franchise owner needs professional support. The advisory team should include a bookkeeper, a CPA and an attorney; the lawyer and the CPA should review the franchise agreement before signing. Bookkeepers track expenses and revenue, and that data will help the CPA provide better financial advice.

Follow the Team’s Advice

If a franchise owner second-guesses their accountant’s advice, they’re setting themselves up for failure. Business owners hire accountants from website domain because of the industry-specific help they can provide, and they should trust their advice completely.

These are just some of the points customers should consider when they enter into franchise agreements, but the list is by no means complete. If a person is considering becoming a franchise owner, they should call Accounting Services in Sewickley PA for help and advice. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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