Tips For Obtaining Your Commercial Building Tax Deduction

If you are a leaseholder or a property owner of a commercial building or a government building you may qualify for a commercial building tax deduction known as a 179D deduction.

This special commercial building tax deduction program was a result of the 2005 EPACT and was designed to provide an incentive for commercial buildings to reduce the consumption of energy, in the form of electricity or fossil fuels, in three separate components of the building.

The three components of the building that are considering in this commercial building tax deduction are the interior lighting system, the HVAC system and the building envelope. The HVAC system includes the water heating system and the building envelope includes the structure of the building from the walls to the windows. Each component much meet minimum energy use requirements as certified by an independent and approved licensed professionals.

Hire Top Professionals

The commercial building tax deduction is based on certification by the professional service that you hire that provides both software models and data to support the claim of the energy reduction in the three components of your building.

By hiring top professionals that specialize in the EPACT 179D deduction program you can take advantage of their experience and expertise to help ensure that your building will qualify. These professionals can also assist in the planning and construction, or retrofit, of your commercial property to ensure that the building will qualify for the maximum deduction of $1.80 per square foot.

Know the Rules

If you are working with a recognized and IRS approved professional licensed contract or engineer from a top rated company you will have a trusted advisor that can provide you with accurate information on the guideless for qualification.

For example, to be eligible for the commercial building tax deduction the entire building must meet the required energy reduction levels, and it is not possible to claim on must part of a building.

In addition it is also essential to understand that all modeling software has been approved by the IRS and in full compliance with all requirements. These requirements will be well understood and carefully followed by professional companies, giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of the commercial building tax deduction. For more information visit online.

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