Types of insurance in Dexter MO

There is not much that cannot be insured, this extends as far as the fingers of a concert pianist or the legs of a prima ballerina, however, the basic insurance in Dexter MO may not go that far.

The main insurance in Dexter MO that is in demand is automobile insurance, health insurance, life insurance and home insurance. Commercial insurances are somewhat different and include specific policies for liability, workers compensation etc.
Automobile insurance is mandatory in almost every state. Auto insurance in Dexter MO can be purchased for the bare minimum coverage which is liability for incidents where you were responsible for injuring a person or causing damage to someone’s property, up to full cover, which includes full comprehensive covering liability, personal injury, collision and medical. The purchase of the various elements of automobile insurance can be added as if the offerings were from a menu. Usually new and expensive cars have full coverage; it’s actually mandatory if the car has a lien against it, older cars usually pare the insurance down to simple liability.

Health insurance is often part of the benefits offered to employees of companies. This is not always the case though, if the individual is self-employed or working for a very small company, he may be responsible for insuring his and his family’s health directly. Health insurance can be very expensive to purchase due to the high cost of doctors, hospitals and medicines. For those purchasing independent health insurance, the carrier allows for the insured to pick those health-related issues that are important to him, discounting everything else. The cost of the premium is calculated from the makeup of the coverage. It is also possible to purchase term health insurance that will be in force only for a limited period of time.

Life insurance in Dexter MO is of course very popular. The old saying is that most people are worth more dead than alive actually has some truth to it. Life insurance should be started early in life; a child’s parents should take a full life policy the moment the child is born as the rates are lower the younger the person insured. Life insurance premiums are based on actuarial tables, which indicate when a person should statistically die based on a number of factors. The closer you get to the statistical age of death the higher the annual premium. Term life insurance is popular as it allows for less expensive full coverage during a certain period of person’s life, a period such as the years when the children are in university.

Home insurance includes coverage of both the structure and the contents. Usually the structure is insured up to its replacement value and contents are insured up to an agreed value of the asset.

All forms of insurance in Dexter MO are available from Mitchell Insurance. The company has been insuring people, property and things in Dexter since 1948; the company is now more like family than a business.

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