Use an Experienced UT Company Offering Professional Transfer Agent Services

by | May 11, 2022 | Financial Services

Focusing on your business is essential when you’re operating a public company. Maintaining a transparent relationship with shareholders and following SEC regulations are other critical components your company must adhere to if you want to stay successful. Fortunately, you can utilize a company offering experienced transfer agent services to get these and other aspects of your business handled correctly.

Keeping Your Records Accurate When Providing Stock and Cash Distributions

Utilizing an expert team to assist you with stock or cash distributions is an excellent way to ensure your records stay accurate. They can also help you with stock or check payments to each shareholder. Taking advantage of their paperless share issue recordkeeping can ensure it’s done correctly and efficiently.

Providing Escrow Services and Assistance With Proxy Meetings and Mailings

When you need to ensure you’ve got privacy and security in place during an escrow transaction, getting assistance from a company providing top-notch transfer agent services can be the best choice. They are also helpful when you need financial printing and mailing services completed for news releases or shareholder letters. Having them act as a dedicated representative who can manage your proxy can be beneficial.

Using an Experienced and Knowledgeable Professional

Tapping into the knowledge and experience of a professional is one of the best ways to ensure your outsourcing needs are met successfully. Utilizing their services when you require shareholder support, stock transfers, or stock certificate printing can make it easier to focus on what you do best. If you’d like to learn more about this company and the services they provide, be sure to visit Colonial Transfer at

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