3 Reasons Home Based Businesses Should Have a Virtual Mailing Address NYC

There are over 40 million home-based businesses in the United States. Many of these businesses are online which means they don’t require a storefront. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a physical address. For privacy and security reasons, home-based entrepreneurs don’t want to use their personal addresses for business. And that is where a virtual mailing address in NYC comes into play.

Here are 3 reasons you should invest in one.


This is probably the most common reason entrepreneurs invest in a virtual mailing address in NYC. With a virtual mailing address, you will be able to keep your personal address off websites. Having a virtual address will help you protect your family and your privacy.

Establish Credibility

While you may be doing business online, that doesn’t mean your clients don’t expect you to be professional. Having a virtual address will give you the credibility you need to do business online. It can also help with creditors as they will want you to have an actual business address in order to lend money.


Though your address is virtual, you can choose to have all your mail delivered to this address. The mailing service provider will scan all of your mail and upload it to your secure virtual mailbox. You can check your mail whenever its convenient for you. Since it’s virtual there are no special hours you have to worry about.

Ready to get your own virtual mailing address in NYC? Contact Sage Workspace.

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