Using Cryptocurrencies to Minimize Transaction Fees in Atlanta

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Financial Services

It is frustrating to look at your monthly account statement from your bank or credit card company and see that they are charging you fees for using your money. In fact, some banks will charge you fees if you don’t use your money enough. This includes fees for not swiping your debit card a set number of times during the month. With cryptocurrency, these types of things don’t exist. You can buy and sell Bitcoin in Atlanta paying a fortune.

The frustration only grows with traditional banking when a person realizes that by storing their money in the bank, they are giving the bank assets that can be used to invest and make more money for the bank. Banks have the ability to invest their client’s money, yet they will only pay you a minuscule amount in the form of interest every year. You can buy and sell Bitcoin in Atlanta with little to no fees.

Banks charge fees so that they can pay their employees. With blockchain technology, data miners are the ones who are the source behind the power of cryptocurrency. They receive compensation in the form of coins or tokens they get by mining.

If you have an external cryptocurrency wallet, the developers of the wallet may charge you a small fee to transfer funds from one wallet to another. However, these fees pale in comparison to what a person is charged to engage in transactions using traditional banks.

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