Ensure your car is roadworthy – Travel in safety

We all know how expensive it is to run a car these days. With ever increasing vehicle prices and fuel prices across the globe soaring, not to mention increased taxes for road users it is easy to take your eye off the ball somewhat and neglect a very important aspect of road safety; namely, ensuring that your car is in a roadworthy condition prior to departure. There are a number of things that any safe and responsible driver should check regularly with regard to their own motor vehicle.

Tire safety

First let’s deal with tires. A large number of us are guilty of not paying attention to the state of the vehicles tires unless we experience some difficulties whilst operating the vehicle or if it is time for the scheduled Automobile test. This could be a very dangerous mistake to make as the tires are ultimately an important part of the process by which a car is safe to operate. There are two major points to consider when checking the vehicles tires:

1. Firstly, tire pressure. Ensuring that the pressure in your tires corresponds to the guidelines set out in the manufacturers user manual means that your tires will be performing to their utmost capabilities.

2. The second point to consider with regard to the tires is tread, or lack of it. Companies offering Automobile insurance in Denverand surrounding area’s deal with cases daily whereby the lack of tire tread has caused a traffic accident of some form or another. Without sufficient tire tread a car can become dangerous to drive especially in an emergency situation or in wet weather conditions.

Other common problems

Faulty lights are another problem that is regularly overlooked by road users. Not just lights for illumination but also warning lights such as brake lights. This can be a particular problem for vehicles behind if you have to brake suddenly due to an incident in front of your own motor vehicle. Inspect your lights regularly and get somebody to help you check each individual light if necessary. If any of the lights are faulty then try replacing the bulbs. Failing that, take it to a certified garage for inspection. It is also a good idea to keep a spare set of bulbs in the car in case of failure whilst driving.

Other things that should be considered regularly concern windows, mirrors and windscreen wipers. Ensure that all are free of cracks, dirt or deficiencies as the weather can change in an instant and the need for their efficient usage may become immediate.

By ensuring that your motor vehicle is roadworthy at all times you will severely decrease the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident. It doesn’t require much effort and the benefits are clear to see.


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