How Jail Bonds Can Help the Accused in Lawrenceburg

When a person is arrested they are typically taken to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. Once there the person will be booked, and a judge will set the amount of bail necessary for the person to be released from the detention center. This amount can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in most cases. In unique cases, the jail bond can be set even higher. All of this is with the assumption that the accused person is not a flight risk.

For most people, paying the high amount for the bail bond is extremely difficult. The accused person can have a hard time locating enough money to pay bail or they may have enough money to pay bail but might not be able to access the funds due to banks, financial institutions, etc being closed on certain days and hours.

Al alternative solution for when this happens is to call a jail bond in Lawrenceburg bondsman. They help an accused avoid unnecessary jail time by paying the accused person’s bail. This is done with the assumption that the person will appear in court on their appointed court date. When they do so the amount of bail that was paid will then be released.

When the court releases the funds from the jail bond that was paid, a portion of the disbursement is then paid out to the jail bond Lawrenceburg bondsman. This amount was, of course, agreed upon at the time of the jail bond payment. The remainder of the disbursement is then paid back the insurer that backs the bond and collateral is released when the obligation is met.

Benefits of a Jail Bond
Of course, the biggest benefit of paying a jail bond is the fact that the accused person will not have to sit in jail until they are summoned to court. Court dates can take weeks if not months so if a person is unable to pay the jail bond they will have to sit in jail for the entire duration. Paying the jail bond also has other benefits.

It gives an accused person the ability to continue working so that they can pay their bills and save up money too in case there are fines levied for the offense. Sitting in jail until the court date will means weeks and months worth of missed work and income which will only compound matters.

The use of the jail bond system is very beneficial to all parties. The great thing is that money is only lost if the accused person fails to appear in court. If a bondsman is needed, then it is typically just a small cost involved.


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