Finding a Home Loan Service in Swansea

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Financial Services

Many people dream of buying a home, but bad planning can turn the dream into a nightmare. Knowing what to expect before you sign for a mortgage from Mechanics Cooperative Bank can help you realize your dreams without unnecessary frustration and hardship.

Mortgage Planning

It’s OK to want the best home, but you should make sure you can afford it. There are certain lenders who will ‘fudge’ your qualification ratio, but it’s best to stick to a payment that’s about 28% of your income. Many homeowners have started with less, but sticking with the recommended ratio can help you avoid problems.

Setting a Budget

Your budget can give you an idea of which properties are affordable and which you should pass by. However, many do not keep a household budget. Before looking for a Home Loan Service in Swansea, keep track of your expenditures for a few months to get an idea of how much you spend. Once you know, it’s easier to consider how property tax, insurance and mortgage expenses fit into your overall spending plan.

Examining your budget will make it easier to plan for a mortgage, and it will also help you pay off your bills while still saving for the future. For instance, you may find that you spend too much on gas; finding a home closer to work can help you trim your monthly expenses.

Pay Small Debts First

Another sound piece of advice is to pay small debts before getting a mortgage. Small balances (such as those on credit cards) can make it difficult to pay your mortgage; all have credit lines and minimum payments. Pay down these small debts as much as possible, and you’ll raise your credit score while paying fewer bills each month.

Organization and Documentation

It’s not necessary to keep every piece of paper you’ve ever gotten, but there are some documents you’ll need in order to get a mortgage. You’ll need your tax returns and W2 forms for the past few years (especially if you work for yourself), pay stubs, credit reports, child support/alimony records and bank statements.



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