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On the T.V., radio, or maybe even online, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term bail bond before. If you are ever put in jail, the judge may allow you to post bond so that you are able to get out of jail. Since bonds can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s not common for families, friends, or the incarcerated person to have the money that is needed to get out of jail. This way in most instances when someone is able to post bond, they rely on the help of a bail bond services Jefferson County TX expert to help them.

A Quick Explanation

You may have heard the term bail bond and still not know exactly what the definition is. A bail bond is an amount of money that is paid for the bail bondsman to ensure that you are released from jail. These amounts will vary depending on the crime you have potentially committed, your criminal history record, and whether or not you pose a threat to society. In exchange for paying the set amount of money, the bail bondsman expects you to appear in court on the day that is determined ahead of time. This is why you may have to do a little bit of shopping around as some bail bondsman companies simply aren’t willing to take the risk.

Questions to Ask

So if you, or family member, or friend are ever put into jail, remember that you will want and need to have a bail bond services Jefferson County TX professional at your side. But before you choose a bail bondsman, there are definitely certain questions to ask:

1. What are your hours of operation? While most businesses, with the exception of a few, aren’t open around the clock, when you are choosing a bail bond services Jefferson County TX company, you want to find one that offers assistance 24/7. What good is a bail bond company that closes at 6PM if you are put in jail at 8PM? Always ask the bail bondsman his hours so that you can ensure that your case is worked on immediately so that you get out of jail in the same fashion.

2. Are you licensed? Believe it or not, not all bail bondsmen are licensed. But, if you’re looking for dependable services that you can trust, you will only want to work with a company that offers licensed bail bondsman. Without being licensed a court won’t work with the bail bondsman and you may find yourself out of time and money and sadly, still stuck in jail. Click here for more information.

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