Insurance Agency for Homeowners and Auto Considerations

For most people their biggest investment is their home and vehicle, and everything should be done to ensure that these two assets are protected. Protecting these two assets start with understanding your insurance policy and choosing a reputable company in Mundelein,IL.

Homeowners insurance protects the homeowner from loss or damage to their property. If the home sustains damage from fire, theft or hail, the insurance carrier will pay to repair or rebuild the home. Besides rebuilding and repairing the home, there are other coverage types that fall under a homeowner’s policy such as dwelling, loss of use, personal liability, medical payment and personal liability.

Generally, a standard homeowner’s policy covers the dwelling, which is the structure of the home. What this means it would cover the foundation, the frame, walls and the roof. Besides dwelling coverage, there is other structure coverage. Other structure coverage covers things like detachable garage and shed. There is also the content coverage, and this covers the belongings in the home.

Loss of use is also included in a homeowner’s insurance policy. For example, your home becomes damaged due to a hail storm. While the roof is being repaired, the insurance carrier will pay for you to stay temporarily elsewhere. Personal liability coverage provides financial protection if someone sues you. For example, someone visits your home and sustains an injury due to a fall, and they think you are liable and file a lawsuit. In this scenario, the insurance carrier will step in on your behalf and handle the lawsuit. The final category that is covered under a homeowner’s policy is medical payments, and your insurance carrier will pay for any medical bills that occur due to injury on your property.

Auto insurance is also available at Insurance Agency in Mundelein, IL. An auto policy covers damage to the vehicle, theft, liability and medical loss and usually is relatively inexpensive. However, to obtain the best rate, you need to look for student and good driver discounts and request the multi policy discount as well. If you have other coverage such a homeowner’s policy, renters policy plus your auto coverage, you will receive a discount anywhere from 10 to 25%.

Auto and homeowners insurance coverage protects you financially, so make sure you have sufficient coverage today.

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