Money Transfer Services

Several individuals are unmindful of how to transfer money to India. A bank cheque/wire transfer is one of the commonest methods to despatch funds to India. Numerous individuals still consider that this is the most inexpensive and efficient method to transfer money to India. But a burgeoning number of individuals are beginning to believe that online money transfer to India is the best. Online money transfer to Indi    a ensures successful remittance within 48 to 96 hours.

Money transfers are not like in the past

Changeable exchange rates, transfer fees and processing delays have made your selection of a money transfer service rather important.

Reassess what you know about money transfers

Many individuals still bank on bank transfers for transferring money from Canada to India. They are rather conventional still. Banks certainly are one option. But, on many instances, they do not offer the most competitive and attractive exchange rates. Sometimes, the transfers get completed successfully after a lot of time due to service constraints.

RemitGuru is a personalized online remittance service presented by Avenues, India’s major ecommerce service provider. RemitGuru makes possible speedy money transfers to India by overseas Indians. The service is accessible. Its reach is international and it provides multiple payments and delivery modes. Its service rates are the lowest. Unlike other online remittance service providers, RemitGuru offers you a chance to pay the utility bills of your relatives and chums. Through the aid of RemitGuru, you are also in a position to send your relatives gifts by shopping on Indian websites. You can pay for them directly from your local bank account. All thanks to RemitGuru.

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