Tips on Finding the Best Income Tax Preparation In Manhattan

One of the responsibilities that people hate to be involved in, whether individual or in business, is that of income taxes. So many people get into financial trouble behind taxes each year. Some get into trouble because of cheating or simple reporting errors. Some get into trouble because they are ignorant of the taxes. Then others are in trouble because the thought of taxes is too overwhelming and they stick their heads in the sand like an “ostrich, so to speak.”

If you want to avoid all of the hassle of being in bad graces with the IRS or the State Revenue department, and you live in the New York City area, you should seek out the Best Income Tax preparation In Manhattan. What might be some of the signs of having such a competent tax preparer? Following are some qualifications or signs you may wish to keenly look for.

•   Be sure to check the qualifications of the tax preparer. Just because people stick a sign on their door saying they are bona fide tax preparers does not tell you an awful lot about their real abilities. This means ensuring the preparer has a special preparer’s tax ID number. It would be helpful if they are part of a professional organization for accounting, for example, and that they continue to update their skill level.

•   Keep yourself alert to those tax preparers who base their fee on your refund, and claim they can get you huge amounts of money. In a lot of cases, shady business occurs with your taxes. Ultimately, you are responsible for your taxes, regardless to who prepares them.

•   A popular thing used by unscrupulous tax preparers is offering to electronically file your taxes based only on your last pay stub. The IRS does not encourage such tax preparation.

Robert A. Woloshen, CPA, PC offers to do taxes for individuals and small businesses in New York City and the surrounding areas. With over 36 years in the finance and accounting business, they offer their services in all of the U.S. states. If you are looking for the Best Income Tax preparation In Manhattan, you can start by visiting the website of Robert Woloshen,

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