Options for Keeping Your Bitcoin Safe and Secure

When it comes to your physical wallet with all your cards and cash, you know keeping it secure is important. Walking around with the entirety of your life’s savings in your wallet is a decidedly bad idea. The good news is that you can easily store your Bitcoin wallet after visiting one of the Bitcoin ATMs locations close to Atlanta, GA. There are a few different options so choose the one that works best for you.

Consider Using a Cold Storage Wallet

A cold storage wallet is an offline wallet used for Bitcoin. This option is often used for those who want to store Bitcoin for a long time. The wallet is then only brought online if you have a reason to get the funds out. In most cases, you print out a wallet to hold your Bitcoin and then keep it in a secure location. If you go this route, make sure the place you put the wallet is safe from disasters to ensure you can access the wallet when you need it down the line.

Try Other Offline Storage Options

With a paper wallet like above, there are always risks. One of those risks relates to how easily a piece of paper can be damaged or even destroyed. As such, you can also choose a more durable option as an offline storage option. Some people use metal cards, while others use a laminated QR code to store their Bitcoin. You’ll want to be sure that there is no damage or markings on the code that might make it hard to read when you need to do so later on.

Go with an Online Wallet Instead

If you want the easiest option while having a high level of security, consider an online wallet. As long as you select a wallet offered by a reputable company, your Bitcoin will be safe and sound online. The company holds onto your Bitcoin until you decide to use them. RockItCoin offers a secure wallet that allows you to access your Bitcoin and look through transaction data, no matter where you are.

If you’re ready to visit one of the Bitcoin ATMs close to Atlanta, GA to get involved in Bitcoin, make sure you get a wallet set up first. You can download the RockItCoin wallet on Android or iPhone from the app store. You can find out more about us and ask questions by visiting our website.

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