Self-directed Retirement Account: What It Is And How It Can Benefit You

You have been retired for several years and are now looking towards new kinds of investments. You’ve invested in a condominium and you have also invested in stocks in the market. You have been hearing about self-directed retirement accounts and would like to learn more about it. Today, we will briefly discuss what a self-directed retirement account is and how it may benefit you.

Self-directed Retirement Account

A self-directed retirement account, otherwise known as a checkbook IRA, is an individual retirement account in which an individual establishes a private equity like an LLC. This means the individual who has a self-directed retirement account has complete signing authority over the account to access his/her retirement funds.


Acquiring and establishing a self-directed retirement account offers many benefits. It may offer tax-deferred and tax-free investing in alternative assets that may include investments in real estate, notes, and other assets. This means it offers flexibility and freedom with a wide range of possible investments. You will have control and direct access to your retirement funds without the requirement of custodian consent, offering a cost-effective solution to the account’s administration. Since you will have direct access to your retirement funds, investment transactions can be quick and seamless.

Learn More

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