The Different Ways to Enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace Atlanta

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Insurance

Whether or not you’ve enrolled in health insurance before, you may find that enrolling in insurance through Georgia’s Health Insurance Marketplace is completely different. Keep reading to learn more about how to enroll in the health insurance marketplace in Atlanta, GA.

Utilizing the Assistance of an Insurance Agent

Georgia insurance agents can help individuals enroll in this type of insurance. They can assist the applicant in filling out the applications and submitting all of the required documents. This is a great option for those that have questions about how to fill out an application.

Going Online

A lot of individuals choose to enroll in health insurance through the marketplace by going online. After they fill out an application, they can see how much insurance will cost each month, and they can choose a plan. If they aren’t able to finish an application in one sitting, they can save it for later as well.

Over the Phone

Applicants can call Georgia’s Health Insurance Marketplace to submit an application over the phone. A representative will ask them questions about things such as their family size and income. They can also check the status of an application that’s already been submitted.

Mailing in a Paper Application

It is possible to mail a paper application to Georgia’s Health Insurance Marketplace. However, it may take several weeks for the application to be processed once it has been received.

Georgia’s Health Insurance Marketplace may be able to provide you with a plan that fits your needs. Enroll in the health insurance marketplace in Atlanta, GA, at

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