Top Reasons Why Pilot Testing Is A Great Way to Earn CPE Credits

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Accountant

Pilot testing can be a great way to earn CPE credits. These courses are generally free to take, and they can begin almost immediately in most cases once you have signed up. When taking a pilot course, you will be asked to provide feedback on the course. This includes any misapplied information present within the course, and any improvements you would make. Whatever course you choose to pilot test, you will still get the same level of learning as you would with a regular course, and you will earn CPE credits to meet your state requirements for licensure.

Free Credits

Pilot CPA courses online are extremely cost efficient for those who are trying to save money, and they are a great way to broaden your horizons without breaking the bank. Whether you want credits to maintain licensure, or just want to take extra courses to beef up your resume, there are usually plenty of advanced pilot courses that will meet your needs. These courses may not be available all of the time, but they are usually offered at least a few times per year.

Short Course Duration Times

Pilot courses are generally only a few weeks long. You don’t need to devote endless hours to studying, so they are perfect if you are a busy professional that needs to work at your own convenience.  Pilot testing really works in your favor when it comes to employers as well, as it shows that you are willing to devote the time needed to help others perfect their courses.

Helping to Perfect Courses Enhances Your Own Knowledge

If you have a lot of experience in your chosen profession, then pilot testing could be a great way to excel in your career. Experience matters, because you will be able to provide the course distributors with valuable feedback on how to make their courses better. This enhances your knowledge, and it will ensure that the courses are as good as they can possibly be before they are released mainstream, to students that are trying to earn their CPE credits. Professionals who have experience are always in high demand when it comes to pilot testing, and the credits you earn will certainly benefit your career.

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