Why Hire a Technology-Driven Debt Collection Agency

In today’s world, consumer debt collection involves more technology than ever. Consumers are accessible through many more sources than in the past. This requires collection campaigns to plan better using the right software. Without it, debt collection agencies would need more staff that amount to higher costs. Following are some examples of how agencies apply technology to make quicker and more efficient collections.


Emails offer a personalized and automated means to reach consumers. Links, forms, and quick payment options offer the debtor to begin payments from the email itself. Email also offers both parties an easy way to track communications.

Automated Text Messages

This tool enables consumer debt collection agencies a means to contact debtors on a scheduled basis and track results. Trackable data from all contact sources is recorded in a database for reports and decision-making on future strategies.

Online Dashboards

Easily accessible, online dashboards give debtors and collectors a fair and quick way to track payment history and make future payments.

Data Analytics

Although still an emerging tool, this allows collectors a means to predict debtors’ behavior, including ability to make future payments.

Data Security

Data on all consumers includes strong protections. New-generation security software allows collectors to do business while protecting vulnerable consumers from hackers that attempt to steal this information and divert collections, apply illegal tactics, and more.

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