Why you Should Consider IRS Representation in Las Vegas

Anyone who has ever attempted to prepare their taxes on their own knows how difficult it can be. The tax laws and legal jargon used can be confusing to someone who is not familiar with taxes and tax laws. This can make doing your own taxes next to impossible, and could end up in costly mistakes. This could lead to problems with the IRS. In the event mistakes are made on your taxes, and you did not pay the IRS enough money, they will charge you interest on any back taxes you have not paid if it is past April the 15th.

Many tax professionals handle a wide variety of taxes including:

Personal taxes

Business taxes

Wage garnishments

IRS audit services

IRS lien and levy release

Negotiate IRS installment payments

IRS settlements

Monthly accounting services for businesses and individuals

Before contacting someone to do your taxes, there are a few things you want to be certain of. First, you want to find someone who is experienced and ensure the individual has a strong understanding and knowledge of current tax laws. In addition, you want to be sure that they are an Enrolled Agent. An Enrolled Agent is recognized by the U.S. Department of Treasury as an individual who can represent taxpayers to the IRS for collections, appeals and audits. They are a federally authorized tax practitioner and are considered to be experts in the laws of taxation. An Enrolled Agent is licensed by the Federal Government to prepare taxes, help with audits and handle appeals on behalf of the taxpayer. They are one of three individuals who can represent taxpayers to the IRS.

It is important to have all of your paperwork readily available when you contact someone about your taxes. The more information you have the better they will be able to assess your situation. There are several companies that provide IRS Representation in Las Vegas. You can find them online or in a local phone book. These companies are there to help you with all of your difficult IRS questions and concerns and can help to give you peace of mind that your case is handled correctly and efficiently.

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